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Extra Zipper Adapters

Not sure what zipper adapter will fit with you jacket? Don't worry! We don't want you to get bogged down with the details. So long as your jacket has a YKK zipper, we know we'll be able to fit your jacket.

 Select "I don't know what zipper adapter I need" for the zipper style and we'll get you sorted. 

Our coat extension systems are all you need for winter! Each system includes a Stay Warm Insert and one Zippy Strip Adapter set which allows you to wear your existing winter coat for pregnancy or over a baby in a carrier.

The Stay Warm Insert can do double duty for you as well! You may want to wear it in a second coat with a different zipper.  Simply purchase an extra Zippy Strip Adapter to make swapping between coats a cinch!  

TIP! If you aren’t ready for the insert yet, you can wear our Zippy Strip Adapters alone if you need just a few extra inches early in your pregnancy.

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