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Superior Coat Extensions

Function:  Our water-repellent and windproof Commander shell is an excellent match with many high-quality winter coats.  Each coat extension provides exceptional warmth with quilted microfiber insulation that is one of the best in the industry.  

Pair the Stay Warm Insert with a Zippy Strip Adapter to complete your Coat Extension and zip straight into your favourite winter coat.  Using extra zipper adapters for multiple coats allows parents to quickly switch turns wearing baby without the need to reconfigure your insert.

Fit:  We offer two lengths for our Stay Warm Insert and our Zippy Strip Adapter come in many types and sizes.   Use snap buttons to adjust your insert length even further and attach the adjustable belt in any one of four locations depending on your desired fit and style. A belt worn at the top position allows for an empire waist or show off that bump by cinching the belt just below the belly! 


Flair: Choose from six different shell colours for your Coat Extension and even more patterns for your Drool Shield.  Our Drool Shields provide extra moisture protection and can add that wonderful pop of colour for a dreary winter.     

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