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Bridge the Bump Customers    

  Bridge the Bump Customers       

"This is a terrific product! I was able to go to the Santa Claus parade and keep my baby warm. My baby slept throughout the entire thing while my 20 month old toddler enjoyed the parade."  ~Carolina D.

"I’ve been using my Bridge the Bump virtually everyday for the last 4 weeks and am completely obsessed with it. It has made my winter babywearing life so much simpler (and cozier for me and Baby L!) Now when I want to go out I just pop Lucy directly into her carrier with booties and a hat (note: no screaming fight to get said toddler into a snowsuit!!) and do up my coat comfortably around the 2 of us. Seriously, so worth it!" ~Carolyn S.

"I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this insert, especially when I start my parental leave in February! It's a great product for the colder months."
 ~ Colin B.

"Thank you so much for keeping me warm this winter! I love my inserts (double layer coat) and couldn't be happier. Bridge the Bump went above and beyond to make an insert that worked for my coat. Thank you!!!!"  ~Kathleen R.

"Warm, cozy, and snoring after our chilly morning walk." ~ Kelly D.


      Bridge the Bump Customers

"I've had so many compliments on my jacket insert. I work with a lot of young women and they all think it's the coolest idea! I tell everyone your company name and that you're a local (Toronto) business."  ~Samantha S.


"I'm so happy with my insert. I can finally do up my jacket and keep my belly warm. Thank you so much!!"  ~Aprile T.


"I am incredibly happy with my Bridge the Bump insert. I am an avid babywearer and was looking for something affordable to get me through the winter. This product fit my needs perfectly. Even though my coat is purple, the black insert matches well, with the purple on the inside. I have already received compliments from strangers on it!"  ~Marie


"Just received my order from the baby show and I am so happy with it! It's so nice to do up my jacket again. Thanks for the great work. This is a great product."  ~Sheri M.


"So happy with my insert. Only wish I'd had one sooner! I am telling everyone this is one of the best pieces of baby gear they should own!"  ~Shannon



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