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Factory Seconds


Terms of Sale

Factory seconds are sold “As Is”.  Items purchased in this section are not eligible for refunds, exchanges, or returns unless they present a flaw that renders them unusable.  

Unless otherwise stated, coupons and discount codes are not valid for products in this section.

Why Factory Seconds?

Bridge the Bump prides itself on providing quality products to their customers.  That is why items with slight cosmetic imperfections will not pass inspection for sale through our website or participating retailers.  However factory seconds are completely functional pieces and we understand that many customers benefit by purchasing these items at a deep discount.  We have offered factory seconds at various pop-up shops and local shows to many happy customers.

In certain cases the imperfection is a tiny offset hole (size of a thumbtack hole) through one of the three layers of fabric.  These small drill holes are used to indicate placement of snap buttons. The heat from the drill seals the surrounding fabric to prevent fraying.  As a result the small defect is purely cosmetic and will not grow through wear or subsequent washing.

Please note that care tags on factory seconds have been marked to identify the merchandise as second quality. 


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