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Zipper Quiz

General FAQs

Identify your zipper type and zipper size by using our simple Zipper Quiz or watching the How-To video below.  

Please note that we carry a generic (GEN) plastic zipper adapter that can be tried with non-YKK zippers. However we cannot guarantee compatibility with all non-YKK zippers and offer refunds for unworn merchandise returned to us.  We do not cover the cost for shipping.



Zipper Basics

Z01  What is my zipper type?

The zipper type is determined by the zipper chain (teeth or coil).


Plastic molded zippers are the most common type used in heavy outerwear.  For YKK brand zippers Vislon is used to indicate plastic zippers so you will often see 5VS, 8VS, or 10V.  Other zipper brands may have only a number to indicate size.

Metal zippers are also popular with heavy coats or jackets.  

Coil zippers are typically used in light- or medium-weight jackets.  

Reverse coil zippers are used to minimize or hide the presence of the zipper. These are "reversed" from a coil zipper so that the coils face inside and are not visible from the front.

Z02  What is my zipper size?

The zipper size is a number typically stamped on the back of the slider.  It may be accompanied by letters to form a code containing extra information such as the zipper type or batch.  Below is an example of a YKK 5VS (size 5 plastic) zipper.  

Z03  How many sliders does my zipper have?

The zipper on the left has one slider and is called a one-way separating zipper.  The zipper on the right has two sliders and is called a two-way separating zipper. 

Z04  Is my slider on the left or right side?

Different companies may use different conventions for defining left- and right-handedness.   Bridge the Bump uses "left" and "right" to describe which side the zipper sliders are from the perspective of the person wearing the coat.  

When ordering our inserts please specify whether your sliders are on your left or right side while wearing your coat.

Z05  What is my zipper length?

The zipper length is measured from the zipper top stop to the zipper bottom stop.  This length does not include the extra tape that extends beyond these stops.


Z06  What is the difference between YKK "5V" and YKK "5VS" zippers?

About 10 years ago YKK changed the production of its size 5 and size 8 sliders.  Size 10 sliders were not affected by this change.

The older model slider has a rounded top (see left photo below) compared to the winged top (see right photo below) of the newer model.  Old slider models are stamped on the back with a "V" while new slider models are stamped with a "VS".  Unfortunately older models are not compatible with newer models.

Plastic zippers used by Bridge the Bump are mostly 5VS or 10V.  We may be able to accommodate a custom order depending on your zipper's specifications.


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